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Wake every day excited for life and all the possibilities that are in front of you. Live your days joyful and liberated with endless amounts of energy and love.

Freedom Therapy - Renee Headshot

Hello + Welcome

Start Living a Life from your Authenticity. Wake every day excited for life and all the possibilities that are in front of you. Live your days joyful and liberated with endless amounts of energy and love.

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RENÉE MOOR – Integrative Healing Therapist

At some point in our lives, we experience a moment of realization, a moment that awakens us, and we acknowledge we are not living life to our fullest. That we have been going through the motions of life, busy doing and not genuinely embracing all that life has to offer. We are often in our days just doing what needs to be done while mentally complaining. Then we compare ourselves to others; I’m I doing enough, I’m I enough, and do I have enough? Then we start doing more because we are competing with others that are actually competing against us, and the cycle of suffering begins. We have been looking to the external world to satisfy our desires and to validate us, and we are consistently coming up empty, feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

Freedom Therapy guides you back to balance, back to your truth of who you truly are. When you live life from the foundation of your truth, you live with vibrancy, passion, and unlimited energy to embrace all that life is offering. You are no longer concerned about complaining or comparing because you are living knowing you are enough and you have enough. You become the being of life – life flows through you and all around you with a deep sense of peace and calmness. You recognize you no longer need to compete because you trust in yourself and life – you see the beauty in life is within you.

Client love

What My Clients Have to Say About Working With Me...

“Renee’s own commitment to conscious freedom shines through her practices. She challenges your mindset to push you to evolve, grow and radiate in your own light and love. She speaks from her truth and you can feel her authenticity. Her genuine passion is contagious, and it starts a new found prospective into your own awareness, enlightenment and freedom. The experience is liberating. She empowers you to find your own strength; whether it be physically through the practice of Yoga, mentally through the practice of Yoga Nidra/meditation or energetically through the practice of Reiki. I have been lucky enough to practice all of these ‘Freedom Therapies’ with Renee. Renee has changed my life for the better. I cannot simply say enough about the positive impact this powerful, yet peaceful warrior woman has had on my life. If you have the chance to practice with Renee, jump on the opportunity.

You will not regret it.”

- Carly W.

“For years I’ve always felt like I was living in fast forward between home and work, there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. For over 5 years that I’ve been one of Renee’s students, she has welcomed and guided me through the world of yoga and meditation bringing harmony between mind and body. I’ve had the pleasure to attend some of her meditation retreats which was so very helpful as she gave me the opportunity to learn mindfulness and different ways to meditate. Renee has taught me to live in the moment and not hang on to the guilt about the past. I look forward to future sessions.”

- April R.

“Renee is a teacher who connects with her students in a caring and helpful way. She engages students in the practice through careful guidance. Renee integrates a beautiful life philosophy into her sessions by emphasizing the body and mind connection through conscious connection.”

- Wendy Z.

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