Divine Life

Dedicate 8 Weeks to ReDiscover your Frequency - When a woman awakens her feminine power, every choice she makes is self-honouring.

Her wellbeing, relationships and work all improve as she understands herself completely.

She understands the frequency of her choices and chooses wisely knowing what she needs

She feels self-assured, balanced and centred as a woman

The Divine Self is confident in herself which allows her to feel and respect all that is rising

She is intuitive and follows her truth

She understands energy and frequency of movement, foods, environments, relationships and old stories

It is time to liberate your unlimited power and potential as a woman, gift this

to yourself!

Access the insight and resources with this empowering step-by-step

8-week online courses!

“I participated in the Warrior Women program in 2020, and it was the best decision I have ever made. At the time, I was struggling with my relationship and had low self-esteem and confidence.  This 6 week program really helped me to gain back my self-worth and stand up for myself. Since then, I built the strength to leave the toxic relationship I was in, and continue to counsel with Renee once a week. She has helped me immensely with healing,  while maintaining my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.  I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life. I have learned to set healthy boundaries in all my relationships and to be true to myself and live within my value system.  I could not have gotten here without Renee’s love and guidance. I am thankful for her every day.” – Kim P.

Warrior Women

Dedicate 8 Weeks to Reconnect with your Truth - Live in Freedom From the Past, to Experience Peace in this Moment

A Warrior Women lives life with self-awareness 

She lives life fully from her authenticity connected to her truth and passion 

 She shows up to life fully present; joyfully, energetically and passionately

A Warrior responds to life from truth, peace and joy

She creates her future from pure joy and vibrancy

She consciously lives life from freedom

This 8-week program has been designed specially by a woman for women who have had enough of self defeating and self disruptive behaviours, and now are choosing to take make their power to live the liberated life

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