Liberated Living


Liberated living provides women a new outlook to experience life, through self-awareness we are reminded we hold the key to our happiness. This program is for women to live their life fully from their authenticity, to discover their truth and their passion in life – this meaning they can finally show up to life fully present; joyfully, energetically and passionately.

With an integrative approach to making peace with the past, learning to be present with underlying sense of calmness, while creating a future of pure joy with a vibrancy. Live life from a state of freedom, be liberated.

This 6-week program has been designed specially by a woman for women who have had enough of self defeating and self disruptive behaviours, and now are choosing to take make their power to live the liberated life

Liberated living will consist of 4, 1:1 sessions in person or video conferencing, personalized mindfulness sessions as well as an online self study program that will lead you to live with increased energy, joy and happiness.

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