Evolve into Consciousness

When we learn to expand into acceptance (last blog) we are left with this vast amount of space because we are no longer suffering in resentment, anger, sadness or shame ~ the past, feeling exhausted with dis-ease. In this space of acceptance there are moments that we need to reflect with forgiveness, compassion and a loving kindness to oneself as well as to others.

When we live life from acceptance and awareness we are living a conscious life of peace and ease.  We see from a calmness and clarity ~ we remember life is to be loved and to be experienced, in all its pain and joy.  We take the past as experiences, not to define us of who we are and who we have to be. We have evolved from force into our power – we have expanded.

It is in this space of the expansion we begin to evolve into consciousness, a newness.  A new perception of life emerges ~ and just like any shift and change it takes patience and courage. At times we remember that growth is uncomfortable because we are essentially expanding into a new way of being in the world.  What once served us no longer feels comfortable yet we are uncomfortable in the unknown of which we are growing into.  It is unfamiliar.  It is in this space there are many deaths ~ death of old self; stories, roles, identities, and relationships. We grieve in consciousness of the old but trust in our truth as move forwards.

The essence of evolution ~ the unknown ~ can we trust and surrender? 
If we look to nature to remind us re-genesis ~ new birth ~ renewal without it the trees, the flowers the butterflies would all go extinct ~ a dying of the species. Nature trusts itself to evolve into consciousness, it doesn’t do anything, flowers flow ~ from the seed, to the bud, to the flower, to the deadhead. There is no beginning nor end to the cycle of their evolution it is ongoing with a beautiful flow of life.

It is us humans that get stuck as the seed, or the bud or the flower / the roles, the stories or the relationships ~ craving and desiring for it always to stay the same causing us to suffer in dis-ease.  Yet what if we open into accepting, and then open deeper into the evolution of life.  To create a newness, a rebirth everyday. Should we not be waking in the re-genesis of the day.

Is not every day, to every moment, to every breath a new moment of life that never existed before?