Happiness and Health

We alone are responsibility for your happiness. we can’t rely on a person, a new car, a new home or a great pair of shoes to source it – the power of happiness and joy comes from within. If we try to outsource our happiness, we are essentially giving our power away. And then when things don’t work out we will blame and angry others for our lack of happiness and joy.

The happiness we have all come to know too well, is temporary and often based on the external world. This causing attachments and suffering to the happiness which is being provided by an external object, and therefore we then live in fear and force trying to maintain this joy from the external we have no control over.

The happiness we all want to know is the sensation that comes from within, the happiness that radiance and vibrates in every cell of our being. The deep-down and heart-felt bliss of freedom and liberation.

How can we come to experience this deep heart-felt bliss?
We pause. We reflect. And we remember. It is a willingness to find happiness within you. It is permitting yourself to partake in joy. Joy releases a biochemical reaction in the body and brain which causes oxytocin to flow in our bodies – which brings about radiance, energy and an underlying sense of well-being. It is to regain our own strength, responsibility and power – WE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND WE HAVE IT ALL WITHIN US.

What is holding you back?
Force – fear, guilt, anger, shame and despair. Are we too rigid in our routines to fit everything in, always doing, always being and always wishing that we have completely lost touch with our own joy and happiness?

Give yourself permission to rediscover your joy and bliss. The more fully we experience life’s beauty, the less regret we have that we didn’t live and love in the way that we most longed to. Take time to reconnect with your truth – your love and your light.