We live in this world where busyness has begun to be a point of inflation. At times we are busy glorifying how busy we are, when really we are just living and experiencing life. How busy we are seems to be another addiction, something to be proud of yet with an under lying tone of despair.
Have we created busyness to be another way to attach to the external world? The attachments to the roles, the identities and the activities, we have become. It is also a brilliant way to rise our ego up in judging and comparing ourselves and others. I am doing enough?, Are they doing enough?, I am doing more/less? Are they doing more/less? This residing in resentment, self-doubt and elementally fear.

We are essentially fighting within ourselves, causing our nervous system to overload which we love to call stress. The accumulation of stress – muscles get tighter, days go faster, mind becomes more controlling. A society that over 80% of doctors visits are due to dis-ease in the body aka stress. We have more anxiety, less activities and more exhaustion. Havoc on our bodies because our minds are undisciplined – we are unconscious to living life fully.

With this awareness to the addiction of being busy and the reflection to why we are so busy we can the consciously choose. The study of the brain and mind has shone light that we can change – we can heal ourselves and release the need to attach to the word busyness and just love life in gratitude and appreciation.

To begin to heal we link awareness of the present moment, with breath and movement. The present moment will allow the mind to settle into the here and now, the conscious breath guides our bodies to release and the movement shakes up our nervous system allowing a contraction and a letting go of stored, disorganized energy. This ultimately detoxing our bodies and minds, allowing us to feel empty and clear.

In the space of emptiness we can create, create the experience of life you want. Love. Peace. Ease. Breath. Happiness. Joy. It is all yours in the newness of life!!!

It is our greatest gift to experience our own transformation!