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Liberated Living - Women 2.0

Liberated Living provides women with a new outlook to experience life, through self-awareness we are reminded we hold the key to our happiness. This program is for women who want to live their life fully, to discover their truth and their passions in life – this meaning they can finally show up to life fully present; joyfully, energetically and passionately.

With an integrative approach to making peace with the past, learning to be present with an underlying sense of calmness, while creating a future of pure joy with vibrancy. Live life from a state of freedom, be liberated.

This 6-week program has been designed specially by a woman for women who have had enough of self-defeating and self disruptive behaviours, and now are choosing to take back their power and to level up as Women 2.0.

The liberated living will consist of 4, 1:1 sessions in person or video conferencing, personalized mindfulness sessions as well as an online self-study program that will lead you to live with increased energy, joy and happiness.

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Integrative Therapy

Meditation + Reiki + Buddhism Therapy Combined

Integrative therapy is an individualized approach to healing, focusing on the whole being; emotions, behaviours, thoughts, and actions while exploring beliefs, identifications and roles. In our sessions, you are guided through a short meditation to centred you at the moment, welcoming everything present in the body and mind while your body and thoughts grow calmer.
Once in this state of calmness and clarity, we will discuss stories of the past that may be causing anger, resentment or a sense of sadness, or situations of the present, causing anxiety, fear and frustration.

With the body and mind at ease, you will be able to see with clarity the situation which may be causing your suffering. With openness and acceptance begin to heal, as well as rid the body of dis-ease. You will experience life from a bird’s eye view and begin to live life from freedom. You take your power back by responding to life from your self-worth.

Dedicate an hour to self, to live from freedom, joy and happiness. Free your mind from old thoughts and stories to live liberated in the present.

“Every time I attend one of Renee’s treatments, I feel peace in my soul. When we spend a lot of time thinking about how busy we are, it’s good to take some time out to reconnect with ourselves. Thank you, Renee.” – Bonnie F.

Family Meditation

Deepen the connection within your family using mindful movements to prepare the body for seated breath work and a short-guided mindful meditation. Each session has a unique creative component to help children understand their thoughts, emotions and discover their unique talents. Each session is with a gratitude circle allowing a moment of gratefulness for all present and the many life gifts.
Meditation and creativity increase confidence, self-love and love for others. A unique opportunity to provide your family with tools of self-awareness and breath to guide them when life is challenging and difficult.

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Meditation - individual, Group and Corporate

Live with focus, resilience, presence, and empathy.
Improve focus, response inhibition, and memory by up to 45% while reducing stress and anxiety by 35% to thrive in life.
Mindfulness is a non-religious meditation practice, which increases happiness while reducing stress and anxiety. You will learn how to build mental strength to face life’s challenges.
A 10-week uniquely designed program is suited for beginner and advanced meditators. Each week is expanded with the skills to experience deeper states of relaxation while learning how to implement the skills in day to day life.

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